Individual Therapy

I specialise in treating adolescents and adults for psychologically-based distress or dysfunctions and I focus on stimulating subjective and behavioural well-being, as well as personal development. I take a systemic approach in order to reach a holistic understanding of the person within his/her context.

Therapeutic focus areas usually include (but not limited to): Emotional skills training (improving emotional regulation & insight), stress management (enhancing self-care & problem solving), identity formation and self-esteem development (developing clear sense of self). I practice using an integrative psychotherapy model which is embedded in an interactional (Applied Systems Theory) and existential understanding of the client.

Areas of interest also include:

• Acute Stress, PTSD, Trauma Debriefing
• Bereavement / Loss
• Difficulty Adjusting to Major Life Changes
• Anxiety & Panic
• Depression
• Bipolar Mood Disorder Management

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is aimed at gaining insight into ‘self’ and the relationship in question. The objective is also to resolve conflict and improve and promote relationship satisfaction. The pattern of interaction existing between partners serves as starting point in this journey. It is also important to identify the impact of these interactional patterns on the relationship and how participants process and interpret these effects. The goal is to identify and address perpetuating factors relating to the current (sometimes dysfunctional) pattern of interaction.

Being a passionately active partner in the relationship, makes it difficult at times to identify the small elements that make up our interactions, communications and ultimately the wellbeing of our relationships. Couples therapy can enable you to negotiate this process more effectively and quickly.

First session in couples therapy partners are seen individually. Please book two separate sessions (does not have to be on the same day)

Online Sessions

Due to a jam-packed schedule, work obligations or even traveling restrictions - it might not always be possible or feasible to physically attend therapy sessions on a regular basis. I offer Skype sessions that will allow us to meet in the comfort of your boardroom at work or living room at home, to ensure the continuity and success of our process.


The fees charged for psychology sessions are in accordance with the standard medical aid rates as approved by the Board of Healthcare Funders of South Africa (BHF). Private patients can pay by means of cash payments or Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) at R850 per 55 minute session.